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Classic Full Set $195


In 2 weeks $75 for 45 min 

In 3-4 weeks $90 for 60 min

after that $10 per 15 min increments

Russian Volume or Volume Set

Initial Full Set $250-$300


In 2 weeks $95 for 45 mins

Refills 3-4 weeks $110 for 60 mins

After that $15 per 15 min increments


For all sets: If you wait between touchups longer than 4 weeks a new full set will be required.  

If you have less than 50% of lashes remaining at the time of your touch up you may be charged for a new full set. ​


Extensions can only be done on healthy eyes, with healthy lashes. Please advise the studio of any issues or infections

prior to appointment.  Extensions will not be done if there is any eye issues, infection, redness or open wounds are visible on the face or eye area.


Do not get any facial treatments prior to eyelash appointment. 


Removal $50

Extra cleaning $25 added

For makeup and debris removal 


Safe for your natural lashes!


Please text 412-427-8078 or fill out the contact form on this site.

PLEASE NOTE:   Because all lash extensions are not created equally, and many lash stylists have not been properly trained, new clients may require a new full set.


Certified Eyelash Stylist 2008

Certified in Volume Lashing 2015







For more information, please visit my blog,




Eyelash extensions are not regulated in PA.  This means anyone can certify a non-professional as a lash extension stylist.  

Do not put your lashes in the hands of someone without proper training. Please do your research on the training, who trained the styles and what and where was their training, the products used and the method used.  

You can get lash extensions done for a fraction of the price or even twice the price, but who is doing them and what are they putting on your lashes? After all, this is your eye area. 


 With proper care your lash extensions will last 4-6 weeks.  The look is natural. You'll have beautiful, flexible lashes that look like you grew them that way!  






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